Jonny Norridge

Jonny Norridge: artist/designer

imagination observation inspiration

Corridor Heroes

The Nottingham Emmanuel School, asked Jonny Norridge to create a large scale artwork for their central corridor which would depict the schools “house heroes” and their core value words (‘hope’, ‘community’ , ‘wisdom’, dignity’). The wall-space measures over 9 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height.

The final piece was create as a collage of digitally manipulated images relating to the heroes. The value words boldly fill the width of the artwork. The college invokes a wall of ripped posters — the visual language featured on streets across the cultures represented by the heroes. The value words and the heroes persist through the layers of ripped posters — expressing their their lasting value and enduring relevance through many years.

By: J.P.Norridge

Filed under: Projects / Digital prints

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