Jonny Norridge

Jonny Norridge: artist/designer

imagination observation inspiration

Corridor Heroes

Created for The Nottingham Emmanuel School, this large scale artwork is situated in their central corridor. The brief was to depict the schools “house heroes” and their core value words — ‘hope’, ‘community’ , ‘wisdom’, dignity’. The wall-space measures over 9 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height.

The final piece was create as a collage of digitally manipulated images relating to the heroes. The value words boldly fill the width of the artwork. The college invokes a wall of ripped posters — the visual language featured on streets across the cultures represented by the heroes. The value words and the heroes persist through the layers of ripped posters — expressing their their lasting value and enduring relevance through many years.

By: J.P.Norridge

Filed under: Projects / Digital prints

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