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A little bit about Jonny Norridge

I love to explore meaning and mark making — whether that be with pencil or pixel, text or texture, conversation or composition.

I am a graphic designer, artist and educator based in Nottingham, England. The images, compositions and pieces collected here are a small selection of my work. I work in a variety of media and for many different contexts: from small pencil sketches to large steel installations, from experimental on-screen interactive work to a painting on an old bus depot window. Contact me at:

— and visit

Education, Training & Teaching

My formal art educational training includes, Foundation Art (Oxfordshire College of Art & Design ’95-’96) and an BA(hons) in Graphic Design (Nottingham Trent University ’96-’99). As a result I value engaging in art and design thoughtfully and creative playfulness: pursuing experimentation, craftsmanship and good conceptual thinking.

I am an Associate Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University on the Graphic Design degree course. This follows fifteen-plus years of  sessional lecturering in the school of art and design. I teach students and provide guidance on conceptual design and practical skills in tutorials, workshops and lectures.


newpollution design studio

newpollution is my design studio. For over fifteen years, I have been producing work for a vast array of clients, with the belief that good design matters. I love finding creative solutions to problems and creating graphics that communicate meaning with a sense of style. The site was first created in 1999 and launched as a design studio in 2001.

The story behind how my design practice ended up with the name newpollution is long and unnecessary… it involves a Beck song, and student radio show and an experimental web-space.


Contemplative Space

Alongside my art and design practice I have a passion for exploring what it means to live deeply and meaningfully. My work in spiritual direction enables me to create these spaces of exploration with others.

Primarily, this is a place for people to tell their stories, safe in the knowledge that these will be held with reverence and sensitivity. My training has been with the non-profit Sustainable Faith (Amsterdam, 2015-2017) — their schools guide people to embrace the contemplative life. The training covers the art of listening, questioning, formation, discernment, prayer and contemplation. To hear more about this please do get in touch and check out the contemplative space for more details.


This is just one website of many that bear my mark — others include newpollutionsimsweatshopthe contemplative space.  You’ll also stubble on some bits and bobs twitterinstagram, and code sketches at openprocessing. Other work by myself is still lingering on the web from previous creative endvours, such as: the Form micrositethe Lab, tumblr, flickr and Clock-ish.

by J Norridge

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